Best Free Attractions in NYC

Nothing good comes for free, they say. Well, they’re absolutely wrong.


If you’re taking a bus trip to NYC, you are on just the right track to finding some really awesome things. New York City is a plethora of good vibes, opportunities and sources of entertainment. I could bet you a lot of money that you will not be bored by this city and the charismatic avenues of indulgence it provides.


Is it the end of the month?

Is the payday too far away?

Do you want the kids to have fun without burning a hole in your pocket?


Don’t you worry, my friend!


We have curated a list of some of the best free attractions in New York City for you. Be it the history enthusiast, the old school amusement fanatic or the laid-back college kid in you, this list will satiate your thirst for enjoyment while practically staying clear of your wallets!


  1. Battery Park


On a sunny day and a tight budget, stellar waterfront views are nothing short of brilliance. From sculptures to green farm cafes, majestic monuments to respectful memorials, this place has it all.

Although the place was named after battery cannons, the loudest it gets inside the walls is during the numerous summer concerts it houses.



  1. Central Park


If you are into Hollywood movies and the usual famous sitcoms, you must have heard about the Central Park. There is a huge chance that you would have even witnessed the sheer brilliance of this place through fiction.

Did you know the place was a gay spotting area back in the days? Well, for the rest of us, the place is just lush green wilderness still waiting to be discovered.



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