Best Hot Dog Places in NYC

New York is a place which loves its frank more than any other city in this
world. And in such a place, even the cheap hot dogs are delicious. You no
longer want to compare anything to what you get outside of where the Lincoln
Memorial stands.
So here is a list of some of the best Hot Dog places in New York City.

1. Nathan’s Famous
This is probably the most iconic and famous hot dog eatery in all of Brooklyn.
Established in 1916, this place is a piece of history and you can come here to get
a taste of that history yourself. Order their classic hot dog and you will not be

2. Crif Dogs
Crif Dogs is one of those places which you absolutely love or you have never
heard of. Situated in St. marks Williamsburg, this place is consistent with
serving some of the juiciest and tasty hot dogs for over sixteen years. And they
do have specials like the Spicy Redneck which is a house dog that comes
wrapped in bacon and coleslaw on top of it and makes for an amazing snack any
time of the day.

3. Feltman’s
Feltman’s all beef hot dog is probably the best hot dog you will ever eat in your
life. It is that good. It has some of the most distinctive flavors and comes topped
with sauerkraut or smokey chili which enhances the flavour and takes you to a
food high that you would not have experienced anywhere else.

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