Best Indian Restaurants in NYC

New York is a foodie’s dream. The city of dreams and delectable cuisine, it boasts everything from a meatball-only restaurant to eateries specializing in grilled cheese, meaning you can find food to satisfy any taste bud.

For someone in New York who seeks the most delicious and authentic versions of Indian cuisine, conventional wisdom holds that one should head towards Manhattan. But then, you’d only be ordering another round of takeout tikki masala and chicken tikka. However, the scripts have flipped. Indian restaurants can now be found in any corner of the city.


Indian cuisine is, however, pretty intimidating. With 29 states and each of them having its signature dishes and cooking styles, we shouldn’t expect any less. And thus, choosing the best Indian restaurant can be a daunting task, even for person well-versed in the cuisine. The thing is, even if you ask people who really know the scene, they will tell you that NYC is not known for having particular great Indian food. And that is definitely not the case. Check out these culinary charms:


Indian Accent

An outpost of a critically acclaimed Delhi-based restaurant, Indian Accent has successfully managed to rethink traditional, comforting recipes for plush settings.


This preeminent Indian eatery is also one of the best in the city. Including a little more than 100 dishes, Dhaba serves cuisine from the northern Indian state of Punjab. Rest assured, anything that comes out of the tandoor is going to be heavenly.

Moti Mahal Delux

Know for its sumptuous butter chicken and tandoori chicken, Moti Mahal operates in over 100 locations across South Asia and New Zealand. Once you’ve had the meal, the best thing you should plan is to plan nothing at all. Board an OurBus and spend the rest of the day at any of the numerous beaches near Washington DC. Lay down and be still, very still, if you don’t want your meal to put a hurting on you. That’s what i was forced to do when I had my first meal here. Got on a daily bus from NYC to DC, didn’t eat anything for the rest of the day.


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