Best Irish Bars in NYC – Part 2

The traditional Irish bar/pub is an experience within itself. The ales and the authentic tasting food makes it different from any other type of bar in existence. While New York City is known to be a cultural hub, some bars are sort-of only pretending to be Irish with their typical sounding names.
But don’t be worried, we can differentiate between real and partly-real.
It’s not too late to visit one right now, just search for the NYC bus time and get yourself a nice mug of ale at one of these kick-ass locales.
Here’s a list of some of the best Irish bars in the city:
1. The Dead Rabbit
The Dead Rabbit has been awarded as the World’s Best Bar by Drinks International magazine and it totally lives up to the expectation of a super-classy Irish bar. The narrow taproom has two floors each having a charm of its own.They claim to serve the best Guinness in New York City and have amazing dishes like lamb stew, braised rabbit and prime rib. Try their cocktails with funky names like Switchblade and Hnky Dory.
2. Paddy Reilly’s Music Bar
If you’ve ever wondered about going to Ireland but have work the next day, go to Paddy Reilly’s. It is a old-style bar with great drinks, beautiful upholstery and awesome live music every night, ranging from Irish trad to bluegrass jams! Previously an all-draught Guinness only bar now offers four rotating beer on tap!
3. The Late Late Bar
Named after the world-renowned show The Late Night Show, this is a complete hipster’s paradise. Going for something that’s sophisticated yet edgy, classic yet cool, The Late Late Bar offers Guinness by the pint serving it with cream of mint, on ice with a sprig of mint on top. The bar is made to resemble a 60’s Irish house with old-timey wallpapers, decor and states.

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