Best Live Music Venues in NYC

So you’ve just met someone on Tinder and the main reason why you both swiped right was because your music tastes really match. Now, it’s time for your first date ever and you really want to take her/him to a nice place.

Trust me, and I’m telling you with experience that there is nothing better than live music when it comes to creating a vibe and having an unforgettable experience. Here is a list of some of the best venues in New York City with live music that will make you and your date swoon. It’ll be like slow dancing in a burning room.

  1. Skinny Dennis (Brooklyn/Williamsburg)

Skinny Dennis is a quintessential small town shady bar. There is a live band playing almost every other day. You can probably call in and check for the schedule. This is a place where you can get a taste of country music and not burn a hole in your pocket.


  1. Manhattan Inn

If you fancy classy grand piano music in a well laid out environment, then this is your place. This is a place where you can just stand at the bar with your date and sip on cocktails while listening to the live music or you can even have a full meal.

The music involves a lot of different genres but mostly uses the grand piano.


  1. 11th Street Bar

The best way to travel, they say, is to eat like the locals, drink like the locals and live like the locals. This formula applies best to this bar. People say Alphabet City is a neighborhood. The people know each other and socialize with each other. This is a dim lit place with all types of music ranging from folk and jazz to country.


Good music and a little liquid courage is what creates memories out of first dates. P.S. Liquid courage doesn’t apply to driving. Park your car home and use bus services like OurBus for your travel needs.

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