Best Mexican Restaurants in New York

“A Falta De Pan, Tortillas!”

This roughly translates to: In the absence of bread, tortillas will do.

Mexican food is one of the most consumed cuisines in the United States, and why not, it’s delicious!

The growing population of the Hispanic in the States is giving way to authentic Mexican recipes in New York. You can find anything from $2 foods to expensive fine dining restaurants serving Mexican wonders, hot and fresh for your tastebuds!

Here is a list of amazing Mexican eateries in New York City to satisfy your spicy cravings:

1. Cosme

Chef Enrique Olvera’s creation is a stylish Mexican joint offering contemporary Mexican-inspired cuisine that offers market-fresh ingredients and mouthwatering delicacies.

The duck carnitas is often the main attraction of the place offering the bonne bouche at a whopping price of $90. The heart and soul of the cuisine, tacos, also appear on the menu a lot. Be sure to try their crisp tostadas topped with bone marrow, tequila and amazing cocktails.

2. Alta

Alta is an all-day Mexican spot in Noho, elevating from the fact that Mexican food does not have to be had only for dinner. Creation if the same chef as Cosme, the two restaurants are very well known for two different reasons altogether. Enjoy, surprisingly good Chia bowls, their arguably best in the city avocado toast, enchiladas and chilaquiles! Be sure to try the Fish Milanese and the Pambazo (chorizo sandwich) here.

3. Mesa Coyoacan

If you like your tacos with tequila, Mesa Coyoacan will offer you the best of both! This authentic Mexican place offers vivers straight from the chef’s family recipes. Mesa has a very rustic and homely environment, making this dining experience comfortable and ideal for families. Be sure to try their trio of tamales and their secret recipe ceviche.


There have been several instances where I’ve taken the bus from Washington DC to NYC just to satisfy my craving for some brilliant Mexican food. Just the thought of it makes my mouth water!

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