Best Neighborhood for Millennials

Frank Sinatra once sang“If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.” Moving to NYC, however, is not as easy it seems, but a dream for many, regardless. It’s been the mecca for the young, and the rebellious, for more than a century.


But if you’re coming from outside, you’d be hard-pressed to choose from the 5 boroughs, let alone the neighborhoods. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the dream is dead. For NYC has always been a place of opportunities. And however chaotic and packed it might seem to be, it’s always open to accommodate the young, the hopefuls.


As a millennial, you’d be looking for a neighborhood with lots of bars. And restaurants, too. And affordability. Diversity and a creative vibe would do you good, too. And while you guys aren’t exactly looking for a quiet, settled life, you wouldn’t want to live in the middle of a concert arena either, right?


Well, there are several neighborhoods with amenities particularly suited towards millennials. If you’re thinking of moving, explore the several bus services in NYC and route your way to your new home!


Here is those select few worth mentioning.


  1. Dumbo, Brooklyn


Why should you consider it?


Because it’s a start-up hotspot for tech industry with easy access to Manhattan.


Average one-bedroom rent: $3400


  1. Nolita, Manhattan


Why should you consider it?


Because it’s free of tourists and one of the best shopping centers in Manhattan. Plus it has a quaint European vibe flowing around.


Average one-bedroom rent: $3400


  1. Bushwick, Brooklyn


Why should you consider it?


For its art studios and galleries, and it’s also cheaper than Williamsburg, another popular neighborhood in Brooklyn.


Average one-bedroom rent: $2200


  1. Astoria, Queens


Why should you consider it?


Because it’s hip and cultural, it’s large, diverse, and most of all, it’s affordable.


Average one-bedroom rent: $2100


  1. The South Bronx, Bronx


Why should you consider it?


For its breweries, coffee shops and a steadily growing dining scene. It’s also the cheapest it will ever get in NYC.


Average one-bedroom rent: $1500

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