Best Nerd Shops in NYC

In case you missed the memo or have been living under a rock since the past decade
or so, being a nerd is totally acceptable. And cool. DC, Marvel, comic books,
video games and everything else that you thought was incredible when you
were ten is a reality now.

New York City a global mecca for shopping is also a global hub for everything
related to such fandom. Here are some of the best spots in New York city where
you can turn your nerd on.

1. Toy Tokyo

Toy shops are not just for kids. Whether you are a casual figurine collector or a
hardcore toy aficionado, Toy Tokyo is one place that you just can not miss.
Located in East Village area, this place has a lot of unique stuff from action
figures, toys, comics, merchandise and more that you can buy. They also
specialize in Japanese imported toy figurines.

2. Barcade

Bars are cool. Arcades are cool too. And if you mix these two, the combination
becomes very very interesting. And that is what Barcade is all about. A bar that
has as many arcade games as you can play as they have beers on top. Which is a
LOT. You can spend all day at this place sipping a cold beer and playing

3. Image Anime

Image Anime is one stop shop for all your anime needs in New York. Period.
They are the go-to place for anime figures, collectables, toys and models. They
also, have a vast range of manga and other comics and is a must visit for any

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