Best Outdoor Dining Spots in New York City

As soon as the cool air hits New York, the typical New Yorker runs outside to dine in the open. Al fresco is a style of dining in backyards, on patios and pavements. Some restauranteurs lay out a special seating outside of their eateries, encouraging the Al Fresco spirit.

Imagine fairy lights, candlelit dinners and benches in alleys and streets adorned by the New York skyline and the cool, fresh breeze as an accompaniment.

This type of dining should be experienced at least once, when in New York.

Here is a list of the best outdoor dining spots embracing the al fresco essence:

1. Roberta’s

261 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY 11206, USA

Roberta’s is a tiny but wonderful harbour in the midst of the industrial block. They are known for and serve, wood-fired artisanal pizzas and craft beer. The produce doesn’t get better than this because they grow their own vegetables and herbs. The vibe is pretty hip and if sitting outside is not for you, they also have an indoor seating area.

2. Pok Pok Ny

This beautiful little jungle themed backyard serves authentic Thai cuisine, inspired by the street food in Bangkok. Pok Pok Ny offers amazing Vietnamese fish sauce wings, muu kham waan (pork neck with sweet and salty soy) in colourful plastic plates and Singha beer, to further make you feel like you’re somewhere in Thailand. Be sure to try their Whiskey Sour with a twist.

3. Edi & the Wolf

102 Avenue C, New York, NY 10009, USA

If you feel like being transported to a typical Austrian pub without buying an expensive flight ticket to Europe, pop into Edi & the Wolf for a bonafide Austrian experience. This greenhouse inspired patio is littered with different kinds pots and plants, rustic wood benches and herb gardens. Be sure to try their weiner schnitzel.

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