Best Pastry Shops in NYC

One of the best things about a city as multi-cultural and as vibrant as New
York is that at every corner, you are bound to find a coffee shop or a bakery.

They are run by some of the most talented bakers who are responsible for
some serious sweet tooth in each of us. If you want to try some of the best pastries that New York has to offer, you have
to get on a bus with bus and private carriers in NJ and come along this ride with
us where we show you how to satiate your sweet tooth in this city.

1. Hot Bread Kitchen
Hot Bread Kitchen is a cultural explosion inside of a bakery as this place employs
women from all parts of the world. It is an international wholesale bakery and
has some of the most varied of pastries you can find anywhere in the
Big Apple.

2. Bien Cuit
The European-American bakery located in Cobble Hill literally translates from
French Bien Cuit which means “well-done”. The spacious cafe offers a
multitude of baked goodies and their speciality is morning pastries which are
definitely worth a visit to this joint.

3. Maman
Maman is a bakery owned by renowned Michelin-starred chef Armand Arnal. It
is small in size but it brings the whole of South France with it to this part of
New York. Their baba au rhum and flan-like clafouti literally take the cake
when it comes to the sweet offerings and is worth a visit just for that.

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