Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in NYC

There’s something about leaving our pets alone at home or at a boarding house that makes us cringe. It makes our hearts melt and our eyes water.


It’s just not fair.


For most of us, our pets are an integral part of our families and more. Any vacation without them is no vacation at all. Many of us have tried doing this. It feels like leaving a baby behind with a nanny. It’s heartbreaking. Also, have you ever thought how your pet also deserves a vacation? He/she needs a break from their mundane surroundings.


Don’t worry, my fellow animal lover. After years of struggle, I’ve compiled a list of some of the most pet-friendly hotels in New York City so that you and your pet can have that dream vacation!



Crosby Street Hotel


You can take your pet to this stylish, warehouse-inspired boutique hotel in the heart of SoHo. The building is artsy, well-curated and has an amazing terrace bar. Crosby Street is nestled between the East and West sides. You can take morning strolls with your little furry friend and enjoy.



The James, New York


This is one of my go-to choices when I choose a hotel for a stay. Make sure to inform the hotel staff about your furry company in advance of your arrival and you shall have no problem.

The place is like a pet paradise. The hotel is also very considerate to provide all necessary accessories for your little friend. From leashes to collars and treats to beds and fragrances, everything is taken care of.


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