Best Record Stores in NYC

New York is the best city in the world when it comes to art, especially music.
Music as a physical, tangible media is dying a slow death but the recent revival
of vinyl has had a huge impact on the industry. No longer do you have to go to
the Mall of America and search through hundreds of stores to find what you need.
Here are some of the best record shops of Big Apple where you can find all the
old and new stuff from almost any genre that exists in this world.

1. Academy Records

Academy Records is not only a record shop, it is an institution. This place
contains so much history and culture which you can see when you walk through
the doors. They have some of the most well-curated and some of the most
vintage collections of any of the record stores in the world.

2. Black Gold

If sipping on a coffee while browsing records in a chill area of Carroll Gardens
is how you envision your Saturday afternoons to be, then Black Gold is your
kind of place. They deal only in Vinyl and is geared more towards obscure and
garage rock sounding records.

3. Deep Cuts Record Store

Deep Cuts is a boutique record shop which sets itself apart by focusing on what
could be described as eclectic in terms of music that they offer. The staples of
Sabbath and Dio can be found here but you are more likely to find soundtracks
to an obscure horror movie on vinyl than anything else.

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