Best Record Stores in NYC For The Audiophile in You

It’s the start of a new year in an era of impressive technology. Some of you must be wondering why I’m talking about records in 2018.

Records? Vinyl?

Isn’t that outdated technology?

The truth is, no. If you have ever tried listening to some of your favorite tunes that you know by heart on a CD player, iPod, smartphone or laptop and compared it to a vinyl, you would know. This piece is a shout out to all the audiophiles out there who know the warmth and character of a vinyl and would give anything to get their hands on the right ones.


The good news is, we have compiled a list of the best record stores in NYC for all your vinyl needs. Be it a record player, some of the oldest classic records or new releases. We’ve got it all covered.


  1. Academy Records
  2. Academy Record Annex
  3. Academy LPs
  4. Black Gold
  5. Bleecker Street Records
  6. Captured Tracks
  7. Co-op 87 Records & Tapes
  8. Deep Cuts Record Store
  9. Downtown Music Gallery
  10. Generation Records
  11. Halcyon
  12. Human Head Records


There is something about the records that makes you feel closer to them. You can go to any of these stores and try out records. The first record I ever listened to was Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.

Oh boy, I was blown.

So, for all you audiophiles out there, just go to these stores already. Who knows what they might have on offer this festival season. If you’re a tourist in NYC, you can check out a lot of our guides on commuting. You can also try out OurBus for your commuting needs.

Happy listening!

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