Best Rock Bars of NYC

New York is one of those places in the world where you are guaranteed to have
a great time as a music aficionado. If you like your music fast and uptempo with
driving guitars, maddening bass, and pounding drums, New York has a lot to
offer you.
Here is a list of some of the top places that you can check out while in the city
as every single one of them is a quality NYC hub for live music.

1. Wreck Room
940 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn

Wreck Room is one of those places you have to visit to truly get a feel of.
This post-apocalyptic postmodern themed bar continues to push the boundaries
in terms of music programming and art. You can find some of the best New
York bands playing here very often.

2. Cake Shop
152 Ludlow Street, Manhattan

If you take a walk along Ludlow Street, you will walk past Cake Shop and
won’t even notice it. This hole in a wall kind of place is truly hidden but is
among the best places which drive the independent music scene of the city.
Located in the basement of a cake & pastry shop, this is as rock ‘n roll as it

3. Duff’s
North 3rd Street and Kent Avenue, Brooklyn

Duff’s is located in one of the most prime locations in Williamsburg. Yet, it
continues to be one of the topmost meeting spots for bands and fans alike. Be it
hard rock, heavy metal or even death metal, Duff’s will satiate your every music
need with a bang.

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