Best Schnitzel in New York City – Part 2

A Schnitzel is a sheet of tenderised meat, breaded and coated in crumbs and spices, fried in hot oil and served with accompaniments like potato salads and lime wedges. The Schnitzel is native to Austria where its also known as a Weiner Schnitzel and is enjoyed widely.

New York City is getting in on the action and inviting the delicious preparation into the city and the hearts of New Yorkers.

While you can find new renditions of the fare, each variation is unique and worth trying.

I, sometimes, like to take bus trips to NYC just to get a bite of this delicious grub and not once have I regretted the journey.

Schnitzels are delicious and here are some places where you can find them:

1. Werkstatt

This Vienna-born chef has been making world-class schnitzels in New York City for over forty years! The dish, here, is made primarily with pork but the portion can be substituted for chicken and celery. The portion is gigantic and is served with a side of an assortment of salads, lime wedges and lingonberries.

2. Schnitzel & Things

You’d think that a dish like this should be enjoyed in the ambience of a good restaurant and eaten with a fork and knife. Schnitzel & Things don’t think the same way. This food truck makes the Austrian classic into street food and serves up a porky storm. The pork is fried beyond the usual golden-brown to a reddish colour that provides an inhuman crunch and the tendency to eat it like a taco shell. Sides include options of a sweet potato salad or a cucumber one and sauces include chilly, pesto mayo and spiced sour cream.

3. Edi & The Wolf

Edi & The Wolf invites you with its foresty charm, an escape hidden away from the city life but the reason you stay is for the damn good schnitzel they serve. The crispy, crunchy and slightly puffy pork schnitzel comes with a side of lingonberries, silky potato salad and a cool cucumber one. Ask for extra salt at the table, just in case.

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