Best Schnitzel in New York City

Fried chicken meets other kinds of meat and ditches its bones to produce an Austro-German wonder: The Schnitzel!

Yes, it’s just like that. A good cut of meat thwacked to paper thin consistency, breaded with beautiful seasonings and fried to golden-brown perfection, if this isn’t a perfect dish in itself, I don’t know what is! The traditional schnitzel is made from veal and other red meat but New York being New York, there are so many different versions of it!

If you ever find yourself hungry for something fried, a schnitzel is something you should try! Just check for buses near me and find one that can get you close to these locations.

Here’s a list of places where you can get some of the best schnitzels in the city:

1. Wallse

Austrian chef, Kurt Gutenbrunner brings to New York an astral schnitzel straight from a family recipe. The meat used is veal, pounded to a chip but it still maintains its juiciness and texture, rubbed with a vigorous portion of salt and spices. The breading is crisp, golden and slightly granular. The beautiful fried goodness is served with a warm potato salad, some lemon and dressing.

2. Blaue Gans

Like the former Blaue Gans also produces a spectacular schnitzel but with a cut of pork instead of veal. The pork seems to give their wiener schnitzel a softer and creamier textural tendency and is topped with chopped parsley, lemon and a pickled potato salad with a side of lingonberries.

3. Prime Meats

Prime Meats is a beer hall-vibed baby of Frank Falcinelli and Frank Costronovo. The schnitzel here is also sublime and made with pork, sprinkled with Mediterranean sea salt and fried parsley bits. There are no lingonberries on the side but a mean beacon and potato salad and a couple of wedges of lime.

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