Best Seafood Restaurants in NYC

The best thing about living near any kind of water body is the abundance of seafood! Imagine living somewhere in the desert and have a sudden and potent hankering for a bowl of miso soup or a humble fish fry! Well if you cant find the aqua, how are you gonna find the aquatic life?

New York City is supremely famous for almost every kind of food under the sun and seafood is a predominant part if that fame. There are dozens of hundreds of restaurants making amazing seafood, may it be the Chinese, French, Brits or the Japanese!

So if you’re in Philly, get on a bus from Philadelphia to NYC and take your taste buds out on an adventure!

Here’s a list of some of the best seafood restaurants in New York City:


Where: Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co.

This cute little white-tiled restaurant/marketplace serves and sells the freshest of the fresh fish!

How to get here: 114 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA

What’s best: Thai-styled mussels & fried oyster breakfast tacos.


Where: Sushi Nakazawa.

Daisuke Nakazawa’s creation, Sushi Nakazawa is one of the best sushi places in the city. The skills and cuts are just brilliant.

How to get here: 23 Commerce St, New York, NY 10014, USA

What’s best: The Omakase.


Where: Clemente’s Maryland Crab House.

If crustaceans are your jam, this is the place to go for. It doesn’t matter if you’re here for one plateful or going for the all-you-can-eat feast!

How to get here:  3939 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235, USA

What’s best: The buffet. Crab done two ways. (Only available on Mondays and Tuesdays.)

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