Best Springtime Date Ideas in NYC

Ah spring, it’s always springtime in fairytales when love proliferates among two individuals. It’s all magical and romantic with the flowers bloom, the butterflies roam about and the birdsong fills the air. Also pollen, but let’s dive into the romance for one second.

Since it’s springtime, the usual Netflix and chill just won’t do. The world is outside and you should be too. This weekend, take your beloved or your potential bae out for a different kind of date! Take advantage of the sun and the cool air outside and accept the idea of going out on a date during the day!

There’s no spring like the one in New York! So catch the Syracuse to NY bus or the train from DC and have the date of the season!

Here’s a list of some cool ideas for springtime dating in NYC:

1. Bathhouses and Saunas!

Take your pick on any of the city’s numerous bathhouses and spas and treat your partner right! Massages, facials and sauna steam, a perfect different kinda date! And some even have co-ed time slots for that extra togetherness!

Potential place: Russian & Turkish Baths.

Price: &45 per person.

2. Yoga!

Stretch out of that winter spell and breathe in the spring. Couples yoga is a thing and if you’ve ever been to regular yoga, you know there are certain positions you need a partner to do with. Why not your own?

Potential Place: AcroYoga at the Om Factory.

Cost: &20 per class. $50 per week!

3. Take a bakery class!

You know the best ingredient you can put in a dish is love. Take your loved one to a bakery class and get your hands dirty in dough and batter! There’s nothing quite like cooking together and tasting the result!

Potential place: Milk Bar’s Bake the Book Classes.

Cost: $95 per person.

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