Best Street Tacos in New York

New York, the food capital of the world has a marshalling of different kinds of food trucks! Food trucks are ideal, all year round for New Yorkers and tourists alike as they are fast, convenient and hassle-free. Just pick what you want, watch it get cooked right in front of you and off you go on your daily commute.

The easiest, quickest and exemplary food on-the-go is tacos. Who doesn’t love a good taco? The gooey cheese, the spicy meat and the option between the hard and soft shell, tacos are your best friends if you want a quick bite with no time to spare.

Here’s a list of some of the best street tacos you can find around New York City:

1. Tacombi At Fonda Nolita

Tacombi is amongst the most delightful little eating outlets you will see. The kitchen is disguised as a surf shack and the front is the old Volkswagen minibus that works as a taco stand. Tacombi that literally translates to Taco and Combo (The VW model) has a unique rule: you have to pay using their signature blue chips (one chip is $4, the average cost of one taco). The fish tacos are most recommended and their grilled haddock is amazing too.

2. Taco El Idolo

Taco El Idolo is an authentic food truck specialising in, you guessed it by the name, tacos! The food here is incredible, full of flavour, simple and inexpensive, making it your go-to taco truck. The spicy chicken taco, the chorizo taco, the steak taco and their tamales are definitely on the most recommended list.

3. Korilla BBQ

Bringing a twist to modern Mexican food, here’s a crazy, tiger striped, food truck that offers a fusion of Korean and Mexican street food. These guys bring a unique blend of kimchi and bulgogi with your traditional tacos, rice bowls and burritos! My cousin takes a bus from Philly to NYC just to have these! With crazy experimental tacos, be sure to try the beef and the kimchi rice bowl, they are said to be to die for!

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