Best Things To Do in NYC

New York City is probably the most unique city in the world! The hustle and bustle, the architecture, the food and the general vibe are simply unmatched! If you want to experience the city, completely, we have a list of the best things to do in New York!

Let’s see if you can cross every one of these!

If you’re planning to visit, we have numerous inter-city buses that are super fast and even more comfortable. You can catch a bus from, say, Philadelphia to NYC and reach the city in lesser time than usual!

Here’s a list of things you absolutely must do in New York:

Visit The High Line and experience tranquility above else.

Catch a flick at Nighthawk Cinema.

Explore the Tenement Museum and learn about the immigrant history of New York.

Walk on the Brooklyn Bridge and place a love-lock.

Go to the Delacorte Theater to watch Shakespeare in the Park.

Amuse yourself at the Wonder Wheel Amusement Park.

Visit Brooklyn Heights for the views.

Grub out at the city’s oldest dim-sum place: Nom Wah Tea Parlor.

Visit The Cloisters and get transported to Medieval Europe.

Stroll around the American Museum of Natural History.

Read or buy a book at Strand Book Store.

Get a drink at Gallow Green, a nature-themed watering hole.

Spend a day at the Bronx Zoo Wildlife Conservation Society.

Take a dip in the Astoria Park Pool.

Catch a live music act at Baby’s All Right.

Order a Club-Mate at the Bossa Nova Civic Club.

Go to Central Park on a lazy afternoon.

See stand-up at the Comedy Cellar.


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