Best Wedding Venues in NYC

Summer would be here in a short while, and that means the wedding season will be upon us soon. Wait a minute, who am I  kidding—is it ever not wedding season in New York City?

We all know that there’s a wide variety of wedding venues in New York City, from modern lofts to cozy restaurants, hotels, gardens, and more. But what about the creme de la creme of NYC wedding venues? Well, that’s indeed a tough question.

Are you looking for a lovely wedding venue in NYC? Or maybe you just like gawking at beautiful wedding venues – and that’s totally cool too. It didn’t hurt to plan ahead.

So here, we’ve gathered some of the most beautiful spots in New York City where you can have a wedding, from lush gardens to industrial-chic raw spaces, and everything in between.


Brooklyn Winery
It’s the ultimate wedding venue in Brooklyn with a capacity to hold 165 guests. is one of the most sought-after venues in New York City and mast a couple rave about us impeccable service and the sumptuous food. What more can you ask for?

The Foundry in Long Island
It was once a19th-century metal foundry but now, this unique industrial-looking venue plays host to weddings, photo shoots and corporate events. Old exposed brick contrasts with modern steel railings to create a unique ambiance.

It has a capacity of 125 for a sit-down meal with an additional option for 160 outdoor tent seats.

Wine Hall
This beauty in the Bronx takes the cake for hosting weddings. Built in 1943, Wave Hill is a beautiful historical gem that offers marvelous views of the Hudson River. Its lush landscape is particularly serene with several lovely spots to hold wedding ceremonies.

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