Best Wine Bars in NYC

Since we can remember, beer and cocktail bars have ruled New York City’s drinking scene. For a decent glass of wine you either had to go to a good (mostly expensive) restaurant, buy a bottle or join a wine and book club.

As times have changed, a lot of wine bars have been popping up in the city, just waiting for you to ditch that bottle at home, come over and have a glass of Melbec.

All you need to do is to check for the NYC bus time, hop on a bus that takes you closest to one of these locales and grab a glass of vino.

Here’s a list of some of the best wine bar you need to visit ASAP:

1. June

If you to relax after a long day at work, just curled up with a glass of wine, don’t go home! Come to June! June is a beautiful rail-coach styled bar with a smooth marble countertop, comfy seating and a great selection of wine from Western Europe and California. The decor seems like something straight out of Midnight in Paris and the rates are affordable as well!

2. The Immigrant

It’s so easy to fall in love with this particular wine bar and not just because of the wine. The staff is super friendly and is happy to educate you about the wine that you order. The ambience is very chill with dimmed lights, modern decor and big mirrors. It’s quiet as well and though it gets packed during happy hours, you can get a glass for $8, so its a vin-win!

3. Lois

At Lois, you do not have to worry about feeling like a noob while ordering your drink, if you’re new to drinking wine or don’t know about that particular one. Although it is dominated by beer and cocktail menus, the wine here is great! You get to choose from 16 types of wine and you can essentially taste all of them to know which one you want! Keg wine prices are usually lower than bottles and they taste amazing.

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