Best Yoga Centers in NYC

Yoga travelled all the way from India and came to New York to find its true
home. Although it can not be denied that traditional yoga practised by yogis in
India is still yet to reach these shores, the Yoga in New York is seen as
something fun to do while getting fit and healthy.
So no need to get on that round-trip bus for Westchester to NY as these yoga
places might be much closer to you than you imagine. Have a look!

1. The Shala Yoga House

Located in Greenwich Village, The Shala Yoga House was founded in 2002 and
gives a very peaceful and serene setting to practice yoga. The focus here is more
on the core values of yoga and they also incorporate meditation classes as
part of their programme.

2. Yoga In Bryant Park

This might not be a centre, technically, but what is more fun than practicing
yoga with fifty other people in an open space while breathing fresh air. People
of all fitness and yogic level practice here every Tuesday morning and Thursday
evening with each other correcting and teaching new asanas and techniques as
and when required.

3. Kundalini Yoga East

Situated in Flatiron, Kundalini Yoga centre is the longest running Kundalini
studio in New York. They combine meditation and yoga poses with spirituality
and also host a ton of workshops and events for practitioners of all yogic levels.
They also teach you how to correct your posture and breath work and how to
incorporate yoga into your daily life.

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