Big Apple’s Street Arts

In this hyper-cultured city that we call home, street art is a constant. Owing to its swift lifestyle and dynamic environment, its art might not always remain the same, but the profusion of artists will make sure that our streets and its walls never remain unadorned. From skilfully painted murals to mettlesome and purposeful graffiti, NYC is a treasure trove of street art.


Style Wars, the 1983 documentary blew the cap off NYC’s street-art scene and brought it into mainstream conversation. While this form of self-expression gained prominence over the past few decades, it cannot be denied that street art, by its very nature, is controversial, with a lot of people believing it to be a ravaging act.


But let’s just not be too quick to pass a unanimous guilty verdict. You see, there’s a reason why New York City has turned into a head-turning spectrum of massive wall murals and street installations. There’s a reason why visual artists from all across the globe have flocked to the concrete jungle to create urban masterpieces.


The street is a common denominator. Whenever there’s a need to shout at the world, whenever there’s nowhere left to go, people go to streets.The streets are a mirror to the society, to those in power. And painting the streets is how you broadcast the political, social currents running through the place. Street art is what gives your city a unique character.


Mentioned here is a list of some of NYC’s rawest street arts on display. See before they’re gone.


Banksy Hammer Boy Mural


Broadway & W. 79th St.

New York City


The 100 Gates Project


100 Gates Project, 118 Orchard St

New York City


Big Pun Memorial Mural


Big Pun Memorial Mural, 910 Rogers Place, Bronx

New York City


Bushwick Collective


St. Nicholas Ave, Brooklyn

New York City


Goddess Wall on Mott Street


E Houston St & Mott St

New York City


Centre-Fuge Public Art Project


Centre-Fuge Public Art Project, 33 East 1st Street

New York City

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