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Undeniably, everyone visiting the New York City has this urge to go and see one of the many theatres. They can’t be blamed, for there isn’t anything quite like experiencing a Broadway show. The orchestras surging, the curtains rising, the illustrious performers dramatizing fragmented and fanciful dramas and musicals – all in the heart of USA’s most popular city. 41 theatres and hundreds of billboards, all concentrated around the Times Square and screaming at you to see the Broadway best shows – from long-running hits like The Lion King to gripping musicals like Hamilton. I’ve seen fanatics taking the last bus from NYC to Washington DC for their love for Broadway.

Every year, almost 12 million people come from all over the world to see a Broadway show. This goes on to prove how it’s one of the most popular attractions in New York City. Since we, at Ourbus, don’t want you to miss any single thing, we’ve come up with this post that would help you make the most out of your Broadway adventure.

Sadly, Broadway for broke people is a far-fetched idea, with most of the tickets being upwards of $90. This post is all about finding cheap tickets for your favourite Broadway shows. Here’s how you score cheap tickets without burning a hole in your pocket:


When I saw my first Broadway show, I had no clue what a Broadway lottery was. But now I know how it works. The idea behind is simple – you put your name, and wait for about an hour, all the while keeping your fingers crossed.

As such, these lotteries are of two types – in person and digital. For in-person lotteries, come two hours prior to the show’s screening to enter your names. You need to be present to claim your tickets, that, of course, will only happen if your name gets drawn. For digital lotteries, you are generally given a set period of time to claim your tickets and purchase them before they’re transferred to another person.


Mobile Applications

TodayTix is a prominent mobile app that offers discounted tickets as well as full-price last-minute tickets. What’s interesting in it is that once you’ve purchased your ticket, they are delivered to you in person dress in branded red outside the theatre doors. Bear in mind that there are additional fees at play. Also, you cannot find tickets to all the Broadway shows.

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