Catch the Finest Local Bands at NYC’s Live Music Venues

Jazz, rock, hip-hop, metal or R&B; no matter what your pick, New York City has a venue to host almost
every kind of music imaginable. You see, NYC’s iconic influence on music didn’t happen by accident.
There is perhaps no artist in the world unwilling to take the stage in any of the New York City’s grand
venues. Attracting the finest of the finest, we have the perennial favourites like the Radio City Music Hall,
the Blue Note, the Beacon, etc. delivering both classical and avant-garde artists to the ardently awaiting
Although, there’s nothing wrong in squeezing into these titan-sized venues with tens of thousands of
other souls, sometimes, you just can’t help feeling like a sardine in Midtown. There’s no dearth of
smaller venues that set the standards for music aficionados getting their fix of their favourite bands on
any given night. Here’s our take on some of the lesser-known but incredible live music venues in New
York City.
1. Cake Shop: This bakery cum live music venue cum bar has been serving sugary sound, sweets
and spirits from last 12 years. Best known as a rock bar that hosts unestablished acts, Cake Shop
has been operating in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and has been kicking some ass ever
since. There’s still a record shop in the back that selling tons of indie artists, most of whom have
played at the venue, at least once.
2. Irving Plaza: After 150 years of existence and having survived multiple incarnations, Irving Plaza
was converted into a rock music venue in 1978. Since then, it has hosted biggies like Eric
Clapton, Dave Matthews Band, U2, Bob Dylan and the Ramones among many others. Although it
has established itself as an arch music venue, it still remains an opportune place to hear local
3. Saint Vitus: This dark and moodily decorated bar and music venue is one of the best venues in
NYC to see metal bands. Located in Brooklyn, the venue operates from 6 pm to 4 am, hosting
metal and experimental bands all through the week. Greenpoint’s only real rock bar, this
industrial establishment comes with a great selection of nicely-priced beer.
While there’s always something going on in NYC, getting around the city can be a bit daunting.

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