Christmas Shopping Around the World

Traveling and shopping do not always go hand in hand. From a shopper’s point of view, constant
travelling might come across as immobilizing. Whereas, a serious traveller would take no time to shun the
idea of shopping, claiming it to be a pursuit unworthy of his/her time. This feeling gets even worse during
the Christmas holiday season.
But then, a lot of people think a lot of things, and a lot of things turn out to be untrue. Christmas
shopping isn’t all about battling through departmental store crowds, hammering out cheap deals, and
goose chases over the internet. A lot of places around the world provide some of the most indulging and
joyous shopping experiences. To all the serious travellers seeking out deep meanings out of places
instead of searching for presents to take back home, it’s about time you combine Christmas-shopping
with some travel.
1. Stockholm, Sweden: To everyone who’s in love with the Scandinavian spirit, Stockholm
definitely delivers. From countless boutique stores to trend-setting, classy restaurants offering
seasonal Swedish delicacies, the city has something for everyone.
2. Strasbourg, France: Strasbourg is home to one of Europe’s oldest Christmas market, the first
markets being held in 1570. The markets here are all about connecting the festive spirit with the
spiritual beliefs, with hundreds of stall holders tempting the shoppers with traditional
ornaments and home-made gifts.
3. Vienna Christmas Market, Austria: There are only a few cities in this world that bathe in the
spirit of Christmas like Vienna does. Apart from pedestrian zones set up entirely with luxury
shops, there are numerous stores that offer a wide range of festive specialities and are also
some of the most favoured Christmas stores in Europe.
4. Krakow, Poland: For anyone dreaming of a white Christmas, Krakow is the place to be at. With
the freshly falling snow lending an unparalleled atmosphere, Christmas in Krakow effortlessly
manifests the snowy magic and charm we’ve grown up believing Christmas is supposed to have.
Of course, with a million shopping centres and thousands of lights shimmering in each and every
avenue, our very own NYC is also a good contender. People take daily buses from DC to NY for shopping. But then, Christmas is a fairly good excuse to go shopping around the world.

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