Countdown to the holidays- have you hailed OurBus yet?

I love holidays. It is my favorite time of the year.  Officially, we enter December as the vacation month! I love Christmas and New Year time. It gives us the much needed time to reconnect with family and also slow down. As we start gearing up for the holidays, a few reflections to make this holiday more insightful.

Can you forgo Christmas shopping this time around?

Enough has been said about minimalism and the necessity to live a less consumer centric life. But most times, I hate applying it. I did try minimalism for an entire year and was very successful but I did not want to stick to it. Anything tried with too much austerity gets on to me and defeats the purpose. But it does help once in a while to de-clutter and reflect on whether or not we really need to buy all the supposedly attractive items on sales. How would it feel to forgo the massive, maddening rush for sale season, avoiding scrambling crowds, let go of the tension and stress to grab the last items on sale, stock them, distribute them and then deal with the guilt of overstocking. Perhaps it is time to give away things for a change than stock them up? Try it and it could really help cleanse not just your home but your spirit as well.

Can you try non-material gifts?

What if you pack all your anger, temper and aggression in a box and were to give it away? What would your patience, love and consideration look like in a Christmas gift box under the tree? Would that commitment have shape, form and name like jewelry or mittens? How would it be to fix that garage door that has been annoying your partner for months and just make it a nice Christmas surprise. How would time look like packed in a box and saved under the Christmas tree for kids? Your time- quality time?

Certainly food for thought. We cannot pack time in boxes or machines. But we can help save time for you because we are OurBus, the best service you can get in this field.   So pack your bags and book your tickets today. We will get you in time for your family and for your different kind of celebrations as the December countdown starts!

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