Crazy Ice Cream Flavours to try in NYC – Part 2

Whatever season, we’re always up for a nice scoop of ice cream. On a date, ice cream is the perfect sweet accompaniment. After a break-up, ice cream is your best friend. On a hot day, its there to cool you off. On a cold day, it makes you feel rather adventurous.

Ice cream, for a long time, had a very limited selection of flavours. We experimented slowly by adding to our cold coffee and cola glasses.

But there are some evil geniuses who took a whole different approach to experimenting with ice cream.

Even iff you are traveling from DC to NYC for a short while and you dare, here’s a list of crazy ice cream flavours you should try, when in New York City:

1. Laboratorio Del Gelato

What to try: Cheddar Cheese

Yes, cheddar cheese is a flavour at this experimental ice cream shop! Don’t worry, the ice-cream does not have all the sharpness of your usual cheddar but its packed with flavour and incorporates bits of the cheese in the mix.

2. Sundaes & Cones

What to try: Wasabi

Wasabi is one of the more intriguing flavours at Sundaes and Cones. It’s not over-the-top hot but you do get that nasal cleansing feeling if you have enough bites. It’s a pleasant dessert and definitely worth trying, or at least sampling!

3.  Laboratorio Del Gelato

What to try: Tarragon and Pink Pepper

A perfect cleanser for your palate after a heavy greasy meal, this herbal-ish tasting treat is less sweet than the rest of the sorbets offered but totally worth tasting!

4. Big Gay Ice Cream

What to try: Tang-Creamsicle Shake

It’s not an ice cream, it’s not a popsicle and it’s not a shake, its all three of them! As the name suggests its powdered tang and vanilla ice cream in a big tasty mashup! Sounds amazing!

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