Dog Parks in NYC for Dog Lovers

A dog is a man’s best friend. Very true. And even more so as we all love our
dogs as an inseparable member of our families. Taking care of a dog is a task
that people love to do. However, it can be challenging as finding a place to let them
run and be happy is a difficult task in a concrete jungle like New York.
Fear not, here are some of the best off the leash parks inside or just a little
bus transit from New York City which you and your pet can enjoy and romp

1. Sirius Dog Run

Located in the Financial District, the Sirius Dog Run was built to pay homage to
the brave service dogs that made the ultimate sacrifice while rescuing people in
the tragic events of 9/11. This is a huge park and has an assortment of features
and play areas to keep both the dog and the owner engaged. And the best part,
this park is totally free of cost to access.

2. Central Park

This list would not be complete without the mention of the enormous stretch of
beautiful landscape known as Central Park. The park offers a host of amenities
and there are a lot of shady areas, paved paths and, benches for resting. This is
as good as a dog park can get.

3. Hillside Dog Park

This Brooklyn based dog park is a treat for the people living nearby. It is one of
the largest off the leash dog parks and offers over 2 acres of space for running
and exploration. And as always, this is a free for all park making it the perfect
dog park in all of Brooklyn.

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