Exciting 2018 from OurBus-#10 Awesome Movies

2018 is going to be more fun in ways that we have not yet imagined. We just do not have good movies that are coming up but we have a host of movies which are a continuation to their previous superhit movies based on books. Well I am huge fan of triologies and continuous movie series. I hate suspense. I sometimes just cannot stand waiting. If you are one of those people, 2018 is going to make you extra happy because hey what is better than just knowing the ends to one of those triologies, right? Absolutely!

If you have watched or read the Maze Runner series, in the final movie of the Maze Runner series, the Death Cure is going to be released in 2018. I absolutely love the picturization of this movie. It was very difficult to imagine a maze of that height and that complication. The movie does hundred percent justice to the cinematic and special effects.

If you are a Marvel Comics fan, do you remember the particular episode about Captain America when he was stranded after his flight crashed. Yes the Black Panther is a new superhero who is getting his entire new movie. You heard that right.

After his debut in Captain America: Civil War, the prince of Wakanda gets his own chapter in the ongoing Marvel movie universe. Black Panther should be an ass-kicking, fun adventure with a slightly different, grittier tone than the other Marvel films.

So with so many new movies to look forward to and so many action films I am sure that you want to stay put in front of your TV. Well, you should  definitely ensure that and of course do not forget to book your tickets, you do want to hop onto  OurBus to go home on the weekend.

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