Exciting 2018 from OurBus-#11 Frozen- The Musical

If there is one animated film that is absolutely worth all the hype that is created around it, that is Frozen. It’s one of my favorite films of all times and I cannot tell you how many times I have watch this movie laughed, cried and really enjoyed it. Frozen is one of those movies which is not just a super hit with overgrown adults like me, but of course extremely popular amongst the kids as well. I have nieces aged four and six and they are absolutely crazy about the movie. In fact one of my nieces has a really funny video where she is dressed up like Elsa in the blue gown and she’s trying to sing “let it go” screaming at the top of her voice and trying to brandish her hand exactly the way Elsa does in the movie. How cute is that! Well, for all the fantastic obsession, Frozen is going to be back and this time it is going to be a musical.

You heard me right 2018 is definitely going to be very exciting. “Frozen” hype is an infinitely renewable resource, and next year the feature-length production will come TO BROADWAYYY! While this is very exciting and cool, please remember to be safe. Seek immediate medical help for a “Let It Go” singalong lasting more than four hours.

So now that New York is going to have such a fantastical musical playing obviously you are not going to miss that. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and immediately plan to watch the show and book your tickets on Ourbus today. See you there!

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