Exciting 2018 from OurBus-#13 Titanic Diving Trip

Year 1998 was definitely a remarkable year for me. I just finished high school and Titanic the movie was released. All our friends went for the movies together and completely when gaga over Leonardo DiCaprio. He was really cute and a fantastic actor. And more importantly  the fantasy and the love story around the Titanic. Of course everybody knows the number of Oscar awards that Titanic grabbed that year. I have always wondered how would it have been if I had gotten to travel on the ship like Titanic. There is so much of fantasy and intrigue around the story and the fact that it was such a fantastic achievement of mankind to construct the ship that size that the curiosity always stayed. Well for the curious like me about the history barfs there is a fantastic opportunity this year in 2018.

Starting in May 2018, super fans will get an opportunity to take diving trips to the wreck site. Sure, the underwater postmortem will set you back more than $100,000, but travel company Blue Marble Private says the price tag is actually equivalent, after inflation, to what first class Titanic passengers paid for their tickets way back in 1912. Cool! A little morbid, but cool!

So if you have any rich relatives or if you really looking to splurge some money on some cool factor  because he or she forgot a particular birthday or anniversary you know exactly what to do. But while you’re dreaming about an underwater trip to the Titanic do not forget to book your tickets on land. That is right – hop onto OurBus today and book your weekend tickets.

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