Exciting 2018 from OurBus-#14 Must See TV Shows

Pop quiz. Are you a TV show fan? You might start laughing at me saying what an absurd question is that. Everybody watches some TV show or the other. These days it is really hard to grab any amount of serious down time with the amount of stress that you have as a long distance commuter and the 20,000 other responsibilities adults encounters every single day. And not to mention the amount of school work if you are still in college and the amount of weekend work that you carry home if you are in a corporate job with kids and errands. The list really goes on but f TV shows are really one of those places where you can completely forget yourself and you need not park yourself for as long as a movie and can grab a quick episode, feel familiar about the characters because you see them day in and day out and still grab some amount of downtime every single day. So if you’re one of those TV show fans, 2018 is definitely going to have a very nice series of goodies coming up for you.

It’ll be a good year to vegetate in front of your television or chosen device if and when reality gets unbearable. Steel yourself for more “Black Mirror” and “A Handmaid’s Tale,” as well as the last season of “Veep”, Season 16 of “American Idol.”

Some noteworthy new shows to look out for: ” Black Lightning,” a “Dynasty” reboot and “The Alienist.”

And so now that you have a series of TV shows to look forward to you obviously need to get home on time of your self in front of your house and grab those 40 minutes of uninhibited unadulterated pure bliss. Sounds like a plan? So please go ahead and hop onto OurBus today and book your tickets.

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