Exciting 2018 from OurBus-#16 Robot Cats and Calorie Counters

Sometimes when I think about the progress about technology and science fiction, I keep wondering that sci-fi should not be about all the hi-fi things like space travel but it also should focus on helping us in our everyday life in solving the biggest and most intriguing problems. Allow me to explain. Yes, weight management is definitely one of the biggest and most intriguing problems that each of us faces in our everyday life. These are those seemingly insurmountable big problems but have lasting impact on our everyday life. 2018 is definitely going to be a very entertaining and helpful year where we might have certain technologies which will help us count calories and manage our weight. We might also have a very interesting version of pets which are robotic and might give us some really nice company.

Do we live in a world of transcendent progress and innovation, or an increasingly inhuman techno-dystopia? These are the types of questions you can ponder on as you stroke your headless, purring therapy cat; one of the many new tech gadgets from Japan that’ll make its way into the mainstream next year.

Other innovations include a scanner that can count calories, a robot babysitter that appears to be a highly evolved Roomba and the advent of “earprints”, as opposed to fingerprints, as a security method. Fascinating.

I am still waiting for my calorie counter.   But life doesn’t wait and it does not mean that I can just sit around and do nothing else though I would really like to. So do focus on getting your salad with the app and the right lunch as you’re preparing for your long distance commute. And also go ahead and book your tickets today on OurBus to get you there on time.

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