Exciting 2018 from OurBus-#17 Tesla’s Truck Stuff

Elon Musk is back. Well, technically he has always been here but he’s back again with another cool tech savvy innovation. Elon musk never fails to amaze me. He could be the reason that space travel could become a reality in 2018 based on discoveries by his organization SpaceX. But they haven’t restricted their innovation to just space and there’s plenty of ideas that he will bring to finally change the face of road transport as well. For us at OurBus it is extremely relevant since we are in the transportation business and anything that makes your life easier makes us happier. Tesla apparently is coming out with some cool trucking business. Considering that this is for heavyset vehicles it might not be too far when it will be extended to buses as well. So do watch out for some really cool innovations in 2018 which might make the life of long distance commuters much better.

A pickup truck and other larger vehicle concepts from the eccentric duke of electric cars have been a long-rumored, oft-ridiculed concept. Even if trucks aren’t produced in 2018, we’ll get some solid details.

But while we wait for better innovation we do want to take an opportunity to mention to you that OurBus is one of the most premium modes of transportation that you have which focuses on smooth travel and comfort such as water bottles on board and Wi-Fi for you which ensures that you have uninhibited comfort on coach travel. And all of this for very very affordable prices because we really care and  want to be light on your pocket. Please go ahead and book your tickets on OurBus today.

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