Exciting 2018 from OurBus-#18 Midterm Elections

Okay this one is really tricky. I’m not sure if you would particularly call election season something to look forward to. Definitely much talked about. But well elections are definitely one of those instances which completely consume not just our media but our regular conversations also with friends at our dining tables and also our living rooms with family. They will be very much here and they will be all around you and you can run as much as you want but want why not participate a little and keep yourself updated with what is happening around you.

Elections season is definitely going to bring some interesting questions about performance and there’s going to be quite a bit of debate on how far we have come. So, on a personal note I’m pretty curious to see what the political scientists are going to say about the environment and about the progress. And for those who strictly want to stay of politics this is the time when it is a perfect revision on current affairs of what is happening in your country and globally because the performance of the government is all up for analysis during the election season. So if you’re a political science student who was pretty lazy to keep up with the news considering you’re all long commuters this is the time when all the journalists are doing the hard work for you and bringing out all points of view for you. Definitely a time to look forward to in 2018. But while¬† you are gearing up for all of these do not forget to book your tickets on OurBus and hop onto your ride pretty soon.

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