Exciting 2018 from OurBus-#19 ESPORTS World stage

If you are a video games fan and an enthusiast, then definitely this year is going to be a blast for you. 2018 takes video games to the next level. For starters, video games are definitely not like they used to be in my childhood. They are not basic level anymore. This is a serious sport with definitely difficult levels and multiple levels of games which are played internationally. It requires a lot of skill and a lot of thought to be able to qualify across different levels and to compete at a national level stage which definitely is like any other competitive sport. Now that we have the background we are going to have something called ESports take a world stage.

For the uninitiated, “ESports” is the sexy term for what is essentially competitive video gaming and yes, it’s an increasingly popular and well-respected thing. In fact, next year ESports will debut at the 18th Asian Games in Jakarta. The Asian Games are touted as the “biggest multi-sport games after the Olympic Games,” so safe to say, the inclusion of button-mashing and screen-staring is a huge step for this burgeoning movement.

With so much of excitement to look forward to in the world of video games definitely you would want to get up and team with your best friends that you usually play video games with and of course you do want to take out time and finish all your tasks. So do not forget to be on time and book your tickets on OurBus today.

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