Exciting 2018 from OurBus- #4 Awards Season

What season is going to be here in 2018?  Yes you heard it right! I am a very big fan of movies. And there has been enough controversy in the last few months considering Harry Weinstein as well as Kevin Spacey. As as scary and sad it has been, the industry is much larger than just a few controversies. The industry is full of art drama and so many movie stars that we all absolutely love. The award season always provides for fantastic information on who wore what, what are the fashion gowns in town, the red carpet brouhaha and of course any funny go fobs like the in famous incident last year. The infamous “Moonlight”/”La La Land” incident. Well, whatever it is going to be this year definitely the award season is one of the best to watch out for.

The Oscars, the Golden Globes, Critics Choice, Grammys — these events provide topics of conversation for the rest of the year, whether it’s about the winners, the losers, the hosts and presenters, the performers, the dresses, or any slip ups.

And with all the recent shakeups in Hollywood this year’s awards season is bound to be interesting.

Will the award seasons like all the most interesting and much awaited TV shows of this year have to be watched together with friends and with family. In fact in our family we have a tradition to watch my favourite TV shows every year together on the couch with popcorn. So if you have any family traditions that you want to start, what are you waiting for? Get onto OurBus today.

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