Exciting 2018 from OurBus-#7 Visit Antarctica

Antarctica! When I think of Antarctica I can only think of penguins. As a child a huge fascination for me was to imagine what is literally the end of the world. But well as an adult I do realize that it is next to impossible to visit  the North Pole. And the South Pole which is where Antarctica is, is literally an adventure tour. I do have some travel enthusiast friends who had undergone rigorous training for a program and got a ride from South America, Chile to eventually visit Antarctica. But then they are almost professional. My perception of Antarctica is as much as I read in the Robin Cook novels. Only scientists and government officials can visit the place other than of course the native penguins. But now,  commercial flights to Antarctica will be available in 2018, making getting to Antarctica a heck of a lot easier.

While still not exactly a piece of cake, getting to Antarctica will be a lot easier in 2018. LADE, Argentina’s state-owned airline, will begin having regular commercial flights there, meaning that visitors can hop on a 90-minute plane ride rather than a lengthy cruise to see the beautifully icy continent.

So 2018 seems like having multiple reasons for you to hop onto a flight and hit the road. It could be Russia to attend the FIFA World Cup or it could be Antarctica to go watch the penguins! Whatever be the reason don’t forget to book your ride to get to the airport. Hop onto OurBus today.

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