Exciting 2018 from OurBus-#9 Royal baby 3

2018 seems to be full of baby bonanza. We just spoke about how the Kardashian family might be expecting a triple baby boom. And then we also know that we are expecting a new royal wedding of Prince Harry and our favourite actress from Suits fame Meghan Markle.

What makes this entire news even more exciting is the fact that there is a third Royal baby expected. Now before you start getting all excited let me just clarify that the Royal baby expected is for the senior royal couple Kate and Prince William. Yes yes I got a little confused to when I read this news initially because I actually thought that the royal wedding will be immediately followed by a royal baby. That would have been fantastic but unfortunately that’s not what is happening.

Another royal baby is on the way for Will and Kate.

This will be the couple’s third child.  Prince George and Princess Charlotte are two of the cutest (and most famous) kids on the planet — and they’re about to have a little brother or sister!

Prince William and Duchess Kate announced her pregnancy in September, and the due date is sometime in April.

Duchess Kate is definitely a role model for all girls I love how she has maintained herself in spite of the fact that she has two children and is expecting a third. Definitely the very picture of grace and something to look forward to with all that charm she exudes.

We will continue to come and update you with the most exciting things to look forward to in 2018 because hey what’s the new year without some fun. But while we do that do not forget to book your tickets for this weekend and spend some time at home. Hop onto OurBus today.

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