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It’s fairly simple to find yourself stuck in a fitness rut. Even if you manage to work out regularly, there’s
nothing probably more than a fill-in fitness class that you swear by. And that’s pretty much it. Moreover,
the big-box gyms you’ve been erratically going to aren’t doing you any good either.
Keeping your body in shape is not a fun task for most. Moreover, maintaining a routine on top of that
drains down whatever joy that remains. So how do we keep ourselves interested in fitness exercises and
inclined towards repeating the workout again and again?
We sign up for boutique fitness classes that not only help us push past our perceived limits and help us
get a toned body but also make the process more fun.
To help you navigate through the New York City’s fitness landscape, here’s a list of NYC’s best off-the-
wall exercise classes:
1. Power Yoga at Yoga Spark: For modern Yogis who like to party, Yoga Spark in Tribeca is the
perfect venue. With upbeat music playing throughout, this happy, power yoga studio offers a
schedule full of energetic classes and provides a host of utilities as well.
2. Boxing Basics and Strength with Rumble: These boxing-inspired group fitness classes in Chelsea
are the some of the best in town for learning boxing basics, building confidence and develop
innate strength. If you are willing to put in the effort and have a lot of fun along the way, Rumble is
for you.
3. MNDFL’s Mindless Meditation: MNDFL exists for the sole reason to humans feel good about
themselves. MNDFL is a meditation studio in Greenwich Village offering 30-60 minutes long
beginner meditation classes. Begin your moment of Zen at MNDFL.
Mentioned above were some of the best, off-beat exercise classes in NYC you need to try out at least
once. Make sure you don’t pack on some pounds during the upcoming holiday season.

This generation of technology and smartphones is lazy. We need to find ways around our apparently busy schedule to work out. My work makes me take the daily bus from NYC to DC. Workouts call for rest time. I make sure I get enough rest on my bus route every day.

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