Fun Spots for Families

Without any doubt, amusement parks make for one hell of a vacation without breaking the budget. From little ones to those not wanting to grow up, amusement parks provide a host of activities for everyone. Luckily, for families living in New York City, there’s no dearth of amusement parks in the vicinity. You don’t have to feed your cars with gallons of oil. All you have to do is hop into OurBus that runs wide across NYC, and take a trip to any of these amusement parks.

Get ready to hang on for your dear life:

  1. Victorian Gardens, Central Park: Situated in the Wollman Rink of Central Park, Victorian Gardens is a conventional amusement park full of mild rides that can be enjoyed by one and all. It opens during the summer months and is an amazing boredom buster for families with adolescents.
  2. Luna Park, Coney Island: Built in 1903, Luna Park was one among the 3 iconic amusement parks built on Coney Islands. It offers a fair share of rides, games, dining and shopping. It features around 30 rides of varying thrill factor along with 20 games that cater to all ages.
  3. Deno’s Wonder Wheel, Brooklyn: This family-owned amusement park in Brooklyn has been standing tall for more than 5 decades. With only 5 adult rides, it’s mostly geared towards children. The finest attraction in the park is definitely 150-ft tall Wonder Wheel (built in 1920) which even predates the history of this amusement park. Another prominent ride is Spook-a-Rama, a pitch black ride with zombies and demons.
  4. Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, New Jersey: Nestled between NYC and Philadelphia, Six Flags can easily be summed up as New York’s most popular amusement park. Once through the gates, you’ll find more than 100 thrilling rides along with an off-road safari adventure. The newest addition is a 4D ride called Battle for Metropolis.  With 11 themed areas, it’s also the second largest theme park in the world, the largest being Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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