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Historically, all over the world, cocktail and beer bars have gotten more attention than wine bars. There are plenty of places in New York City where you can find cheap, watery whiskey and as many places where you’d find bespoke cocktails and beers ranging anywhere between 1-2 bucks. Unfortunately, cocktail and craft beer bars have stolen the thunder of the wine with the masses.


And speaking of wine bars, when we think of them, images of sad, red brick walls pop into our heads. Wine bars have been reduced to date memoirs where you got lectured on grape varietals and free hummus advertisements.


But luckily, this didn’t force the wine connoisseurs to retreat into their chambers to sulk. Instead, they tried their best to reinvent the genre. In their vaults, they mastered the formulation of wine while tossing out the pretension which gave the genre a sour name. And what we have now is an exceptional list of affordable and unusual wines that have taken over the storied bars and are forcing people out of their homes. And it now comes with unpretentious service and small plates too.


It’s about time we declare the absolute best wine bars in New York City.


The NoMad

Address: 1170 Broadway, nr. 28th St, New York City


Gottino Enoteca Salumeria
Address: 52 Greenwich Avenue, New York City



Address: 231 Court St, Brooklyn, New York City



Address: 142 Orchard St, New York City


Bar Veloce

Address: 176 7th Ave, Chelsea, New York City


Charlie Bird

Address: 5 King St., nr. Sixth Ave, New York City


The Four Horsemen

Address: 295 Grand St, Brooklyn, New York City


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