Getting Over the Christmas Hangover

The banging inside the swollen brain, the pain of sunshine on your bloodshot eyes, flashbacks flooding in from the previous night’s bluster – Christmas, as we know it, is the perfect time of the year but for the party freaks that some of us New Yorkers are, Christmas ain’t all about the warmth, the comfort and joy. In fact, it’s more about suffering back-to-back hangovers. Also, after months of the excitement of the ‘Big Day,’ you realize that fun part was rather short-lived and the New Year’s eve would be the only respite. You’ve unfurled the gifts, hugged and kissed more than half your family, cleaned up the mess that your house was and even pondered about what the hell Aunt Maggie was wearing. There’s almost nothing left to do.

These post-Christmas days or what we also refer to as the post-holiday depression are pretty notorious, almost always launching us straight into the piles of work, back to the daily grind we had been trying to evade and forget.

From the imminent fear of what we did last night and the dirty drive of dehydration to the dejecting dance-overs, there are many a type of hangovers,

So how do we fight off this inevitable depression and cope with the ‘Holiday Hangover?’

Perhaps the easiest and the healthiest way to avoid such hangovers is to limit your alcohol intake. But then again, things don’t always go as planned and our brain generally loses this particular battle, causing us to drink like there’s no tomorrow and have a thumping head later on. An easier way to fight off these low spirits is to stop dwelling on the fact that Christmas is over, stay positive and move forward. And here’s how we do it.

– Exchanging the gifts you don’t need
– Actually spending the gift cards you received rather than passing them on upcoming events
– With the new year just ’round the corner, you should perhaps start working on your resolutions
– Make sure that your home doesn’t look like a bachelor’s pad – clean it up

This post-Christmas cheerlessness isn’t going to get any better until you take charge of your own happiness. You are moving forward into a new year. There are a lot of things you’d want to accomplish in the coming year. So, get back to work with your hopes high, the holiday season would be back next year.

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