Guide to Throwing The Best Bachelorette Party in NYC

A bachelorette party is more often than not, the best friend’s responsibility. The arrangement to the list of invitees to the location, it’s all on them!

Planning a bachelorette party is difficult especially if you want everyone to have a good time!

Some plan a trip to Vegas, some have it at a restaurant and some just go all-out crazy but you want to do something a little less cliche and a little more thoughtful, right?
Focusing on the bride should be your number one concern, she is queen for the night.
With that in mind, don’t stress about making it the best night ever or doing something over-the-top like an impromptu mini vacation! New York City’s got you.
Just hop on the bus to New York City and be on your way to one or more of these amazing venues:
1. Go for an aura reading at Magic Jewelry.
Great for your Instagram feed and mind, Magic Jewelry at Chinatown is a great way of spending the afternoon of the bachelorette party. Get your aura read, sip on some oolong and feel the peace and calm.
2. Karaoke and Grub at Isa.
Load up on some sweet, sticky and spicy Korean fried chicken with the girls and sing your heart out! This place has rooms that you can book for as low as $60 an hour! If you have more than 10 friends coming, the rates can go up to $160 an hour. But you get the private party experience without having to clean up later!
3. Find your perfect lip shade ar Bite Lip Lab.
Give her what she needs, a perfect shade for every day of the week! Have the ultimate ball at Bite Lip Lab by designing your own lipsticks from over 200 pigments, finishes, scents and colors. You will be the star for the bride, for sure, for a long time.

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