Here’s How You Survive NYC’s Coldest Days

Winter season turns the city of New York into a wonderland of activities. Well, only until you come to the realization that you’d have to brace the Gale-force winds, torrential rains, ice blizzards and not to forget the puddles of slush. Starting from December and running all the way through March; there’s only one thing you can do, prepare for the worst.

Don’t tell me how cold the Winters are in your place. New Yorkers are a fashionable bunch, and there must be something so terrible that forces us to abandon the fashion and forces us to don humongous furry coats, mittens and earmuffs. You see, we don’t fancy dressing like we’re heading to an Antarctic expedition.

I’ve seen people getting off the buses from DC to NY and shivering like they’ve just landed in Antarctica.

If you think your regular winter coat and a beanie would suffice, think again. It’s the sub-zero temperature that you should be worried about. It’s the harsh wind that wipes away the meagre warmth your coat manages to accumulate. Trust me on this, you’ll be forced to rush into random buildings for minutes of respite.


Before you land in NYC or head out of your home thinking you’re too cool for the wool, here’s an essential list New York City winter clothing:


  • Slush proof boots: There are several lined waterproof boots that are rated by temperature. If you cannot manage to bring one, you’ll find them in NYC. And make sure they have slip-resistant soles.
  • Thick socks: It’s pivotal to keep your precious toes warm and since you’d be doing a lot of walking, thick, insulated socks are a must.
  • Gloves, or preferably mittens: Too much of texting and Instagramming, and you will end up sacrificing your fingers to frostbite. Better safe than sorry
  • Padded hats or earmuffs: Your head has little to no insulation against the cold. If your hat doesn’t serve the purpose, you’d have to cast aside your pride and wear the earmuffs. Bonus points for wearing glittery, pink ear muffs.


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