Hidden Bars in NYC – Part 2

Everyone loves to be in on tiny little secrets, something others have no clue about. Something they can talk about in hushed tones, like spies.

Secret bars are not so secret anymore but they just might be to most of the people in New York City.

These classified places make for wonderful travel stories and conversation because you literally have to find your way into the exclusivity. Some clues to finding these taprooms stare right in the face while some are harder to understand.

The crazy concoctions and the funky themes of these bars are definitely waiting to be experienced.

Lucky for you, we are giving away their secrets!

Here’s a list of hidden bars in New York City if you want to change your usual drinking routine, this weekend:

1. Please Don’t Tell

 113 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10009, USA

Please Don’t Tell is New York’s worst kept secret, yet one of the more popular bars in the city. The dimly-lit bar offers you unique drinks like bacon-infused bourbon with maple syrup and other crazy delicious cocktails! What are you waiting for?

How to Enter: Walk into the vintage telephone booth Crif Dogs and dial a random number once to gain access!

Mary Antoinette was quite an interesting character. Let them eat cake? Nope. Let them experience what it would be like to drink in a setting that is quite like Antoinette’s secret chambers. With luxurious decor, ceiling mirrors, gold embellishments and vintage seatings Le Boudoir offers you impressive cocktails and concoctions.

How to Enter: Reach Chez Moi and look out for a neon light sign and a flight stairs. That’s it.

3. The Raines Law Room

24 E 39th St, New York, NY 10016, USA

The name comes from the 1896 law that prohibited drinking outside New York hotels.You are guaranteed to have a solid drink at this sleek and stylish little place. The vibe is that of a real speakeasy Jazz Age bar. You need to push a button to call for a server so when you do, try the Gershwins for sure.

How to Enter: Walk down the stairs at 48 West 17th St, and press the buzzer in vision.

Over the years, I have seen folks coming all the way from DC to NYC and going back from NYC to DC just to visit these awesome hidden vaults!

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