Himalayan Food in NYC – Part 2

Himalayan cuisine is all about that comfy home-cooked meal feel. Some dishes are quite spicy but some just transport you to a different place altogether, strange but familiar. And the best thing about the Newari and Bhutanese cooking is how wholeheartedly and generously it is prepared back there, and how wonderful it is that some natives of our Himalayan side are trying to bring this beautiful culture and plat du jour into New York City.

Here’s a list of some beautiful Himalayan restaurants in Gotham:

1. Lhasa Fast Food

37-50 74th St, Queens, NY 11372, USA

Back in Tibet, Nepal and India, some fast food joints are hidden from the eye. Settled in the back of a street, somewhere only locals would walk deliberately. Lhasa Fast Food is a small mom centre based in the back of a cellphone shop! The dishes to definitely try are the beef momos and spicy cold noodles, a spicy preparation of toothpick thin carrots and veggies, glassy noodles and spicy, nutty sauces. Yum!

2. While In Kathmandu

 758 Seneca Ave, Ridgewood, NY 11385, USA

The name beckons to the place. While In Kathmandu is just starting up and is open till 4PM only during the weekends. This place is currently serving only brunch dishes but all of them are amazingly delicious. The winner is the pork momos served with a tart, gingery fresh broth. Other items include their sweet and savoury doughnuts, rice flour pancakes and tasty curries.

3. Weekender Billiard

41-46 54th St, Queens, NY 11377, USA

Weekender Billiard is more like stepping into the billiard culture, with huge pool tables and halls it really makes for a fun environment. A bonus with their exceptional food. Billiard offers you traditional Bhutanese dishes like ema datsi – mildly spicy fried green chillies with a cheese sauce, plump and tiny paper thin-skinned momos and of course, a beef infused ginger-chilly broth.

If you’re in Philadelphia, you can take the Megabus Philly To NYC and have some brilliant Himalayan food.

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