Holiday Habits from OurBus

The holidays are already here! December is indeed my favorite month of the year. While every year I look forward to the holidays and imagine that I would make tons of plans, accomplish a lot, in actuality I end up doing nothing. I don’t even realize when the holidays came and go by. And I just go back to the daily grind. But holidays and festivals are there for a reason. They are the much needed pit stop in our fast paced life to sit back, reflect, recharge. We do this a lot for work or even academics but then we forget to implement the same for life. So holidays are a true break for life-recharge. How does that sound to a daily commuter?

So here are six distinct holiday practices that I recommend for OurBus customers. I will elaborate on each of these in detailed blog posts with examples and would love to hear from you as well on holiday stories and what you think of these ideas!

So Holiday practices go like

  1. To eat together
  2. To tolerate each other
  3. To remember community strength
  4. To celebrate no matter what
  5. To be grateful

So go on then, start planning the remaining of your holidays, we aren’t more than few days to go. If you want to take a vacation or head home, do not forget to book your tickets on OurBus and yes wait for the following blog post to this!

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